A few words from people I have worked with:

"Steve is an innovative thinker. Always deconstructing concepts and finding new ways to approach complex problems with well formulated solution. He always bring a calm, informed voice to each environment he finds himself in, and truly works hard to involve staff in the innovative work his role in responsible for. His leadership is solid - based out of mutual respect amongst employees and a legitimate interest in those he works with. His passion for the work MAF does underscores each of these skills, making him an incredibly valuable member of the MAF team." -  Nate Lewis, Ministry Partnership & Digital Marketing Coordinator at Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada

"I just wanted to write and thank you for your part in the wonderful day we had on Saturday celebrating the marriage of Charlie and Mallory. Your charm, grace, sense of fun, unflappability, technical skills, organization, and creative talent were noted and appreciated. You made a fantastic addition to the intimate group we formed... Porter and Lily both walked away saying that they really enjoyed having you there and getting to know you. Thanks you, thank you, thank you. Can't wait to see the pictures!" - Sylvia (and Brad) Woods

"Steve is incredible! He's amazingly collaborative and supportive. It was a pleasure getting to work with him!!!" - Miriam Olson, for video 'Miss You Mom', Lead Actor (Animation)

"Super great to work with and just a pleasant person to do this VO for." - Thomas Hagena, for video 'Miss You Mom', Lead Actor (Animation)

"Great to work for! Good direction, with freedom to be creative. Steve exudes a positive energy that is very motivating!" - Carrie Drovdlic, for video 'Miss You Mom', Lead Actor (Animation)

"Wonderful to work with! Great scripts, clear communication!" - Sandra Osborne, for documentary voice work

"Steve is always a great guy to work with ... and... did i mention? So. Funny! My all time favorite client. SUCH a sweetheart." - Michella Moss, for documentary voice work

"Steve was the textbook example of the "prepared" client. He provided a guide track, complete pronunciation guide - supported by his guide track, clear direction and near immediate responses to any questions I had. He made it easy. I'd look forward to working with Steve again any time. Thanks for the opportunity to help with such a worthwhile project." - Paul Boucher, for documentary voice work

"Tight turn arounds can put a strain on a working relationship but not so with Steve! Easy going and professional." - George Krahn, for documentary voice work

"Steve was truly such a delight to work with! He made the job even more fun to work on and gave precise direction before I recorded that was extremely helpful. Thank you!!" - Hailey Sunshine, for documentary voice work

"Steve is funny, fun, and....functioning? He's great. Really." - Charlotte Ann, for documentary voice work

"Steve Sugrim is a Rock Star Professional!" - Kurt Kelly, for documentary voice work