Steve SugarmanSteve Sugarman

Meet Steve: a vibrant multimedia artist hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Dabbling in a myriad of art forms – from photography and video to web design, music, and the exciting realm of 3D animation – Steve's passion knows no bounds.

Starting photography when he was only 11 years old, he has grown that love to being recognized as a Hollywood nominated director for his movie trailer, 'Collider'. He is a published music producer, actively plays bass guitar playing in several bands and is published on Spotify.

But there's more to Steve than just art. He wears the hat of a dedicated lepidopterist, deeply committed to conserving Ontario's monarch butterfly. His commitment has taken him all the way to Mexico, visiting their overwintering grounds multiple times.

Presently, Steve is making waves as the Vice President of Innovation/IT at Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada.

Dive into Steve's portfolio and experience the world from his unique perspective. Enjoy the journey!

Awards / Milestones

  • Winner of 7 awards for 'Chad Valyear - Up From The Dark'
    March 2023 - plus 12 other accolades at other film festivals
  • Nomination at 16th Annual Golden Trailer Awards - Hollywood
    Apr 2015 - The Golden Trailer Awards
    Steve's Movie Trailer - 'Collider' was nominated for Best Trailer - No Movie, a category designed to help new filmmakers get noticed in Hollywood.
  • BLC Foundations Award
    Nov 2011 - Butterfly Learning Centre
    Awarded for dedication to the support of operations in the centre and enabling excellence in child care
  • Excellence in Photography
    Jun 1993 - Central Ontario Exhibition
  • Second Place Award in the Senior Physical Sciences
    Jun 1985 - Waterloo-Wellington Science & Engineering Fair
    For building and operating a pulsed argon laser project
  • Suncor Energy Award for Scientific Excellence
    May 1985 - Suncor Energy